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Full & Partial House Rewires Cardiff

All houses need rewiring every few decades, and the process involves replacing some or possibly all the wiring and other electrical items such as sockets, fuse boards and light switches.

Whether you require a partial or complete house rewire, our qualified and experienced electricians are equipped to carry out house rewires of any complexity throughout Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

During the process, we will help you choose the location of sockets and make decisions regarding the addition or removal of light switches and any other electrical accessories. All decisions will be considered whilst prioritising fire safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

Our end goal of rewiring your house is to put all your electrical-related worries behind you and make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. Once complete, you’ll have peace of mind that your wiring is up to date and safely installed to the latest building regulations.

House Rewire Cardiff

Does Your House Require A Full or Partial Rewire?

How Do I Tell If My House Requires Rewiring?

All houses need rewiring every few decades. If you currently own a property or are looking to buy one over 25-35 years old that hasn’t been rewired recently, it will likely need to be electrically rewired to bring it up to current regulations and safety standards. If it is unknown when your property was last rewired, electrical testing of your wiring should be considered, particularly if you are contemplating purchasing a property

Common Symptoms To Look Out For Include:

  • Frequent electrical surges or power cuts
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Overheating or scorch marks on electrical sockets or switches
  • Buzzing or crackling noises from electrical fixtures
  • Outdated or damaged wiring
  • Non-functional or outdated electrical sockets
  • Tripping circuit breakers or blown fuses
  • Burning odours or signs of overheated wiring
  • Multiple, ungrounded two-prong sockets.
  • Lack of residual current devices (RCDs) in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Partial vs Full House Rewires

As the demand for additional electrical devices has significantly increased, your electrical system must be safe and able to keep up with demand.

Since Cardiff has a lot of old houses, we are often tasked with full house rewires that involve additional lighting and sockets as well as repositioning of sockets. However, many of our customers in Cardiff also require partial rewires, which may involve upgrading wiring in single rooms or extensions and loft conversions. If you are planning a new electric shower installation, this may be another good opportunity to replace wiring too.

Types of Installation: Surface vs Flush

When it comes to rewiring a house, there are two methods, which include surface installation and flushing.

A surface installation involves hiding wiring within plastic casing or trunking that is then fixed to the ceilings or walls.

Flushing, on the other hand, involves cables being flushed into the property’s walls by removing the plaster. Wiring is then inserted, and the walls are re-plastered afterwards.

Out of the two options, flushing is more permanent but the best installation will be determined by the occupiers, as it will depend on how much redecorating they will need to carry out after the rewire.

House Rewiring Cardiff

Once either method of rewiring has been successfully installed, it will be time to install the electrical sockets and switches. Next is the installation of the circuits, which will then be followed by testing to ensure your newly fitted circuits comply with the current regulations and safety standards.

Why Use AES For Your House Rewire?

At Assured Electrical Solutions, all decisions will be considered. From the addition or removal of light switches and sockets to the type of installation, we carefully plan all of our house rewiring projects to best suit your requirements.

Regarding the cost of a house rewire, all properties are different, but we offer a no-obligation quote. Within our quotation, we will provide you with a clear understanding of what’s involved, including an estimated timeframe.

Whether you have a new or old Victorian house in Cardiff, get in touch to retrieve a house rewire quote.

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