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EV Charger Installation Cardiff

Looking to supercharge your home with an electric vehicle charger? At Assured Electricians, we install EV chargers of all types and are the specialists to contact for expert car charger installations in Cardiff.

All of our NICEIC electricians have years of experience as government-approved, OZEV commercial and residential authorised installers. For complete peace of mind, we can also walk you through the entire process and help you choose a tailored EV charger installation that’s perfect for your home.

We take great pride in carrying out all installation work and providing our customers with a comprehensive after-sales service. Our car charger home installation process includes an initial site survey through to guidance on the new government grants available. For any further information you require, please get in touch.

EV Charger Installation Cardiff

Want To Charge Your Car At Home With An EV Charger?

The Installation Process

If you intend to charge an electric vehicle at home, it’s essential to have a dedicated EV home charger installed. While you can use a manufacturer-supplied cable (3-pin plug socket) as an occasional backup, they present a higher risk of overheating and also have slower charging times.

When you are ready to begin the installation process with Assured Electricians, we will first discuss your charger options and whether any free grants are available. The next step would be to discuss where you wish the charger to be installed, which may require a site survey.

Once booked in for an EV charger installation, we will arrive at your property, plan and create the route to your consumer unit (or install a secondary unit if required), mount the charger to the wall and then connect the wiring.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Cardiff
Home Electric Car Charger Installation Cardiff
Electric Car Charger Installation Cardiff

With the EV charger connected, the next step is to test it, provide an electrical certificate, and show the customer how to use it. As mentioned above, when you choose Assured Electricians to install your EV charger, we will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the installation and have access to our comprehensive after-sales service.

Why Use Assured Electricians To Install Your Home EV Charger?

At Assured Electricians, our experienced team specialise in designing, installing, and maintaining all types of car charger EV installations. From simple domestic installations to complex commercial EV installations, no job is too big or too small.

To give you an idea of how seamless the installation is from start to finish, below is a timelapse of a recent EV charger installation in Cardiff:

The Benefits of Home EV Chargers

They’re More Cost-Effective

While the initial investment might seem large, if you choose to charge your electric vehicle at home rather than with public charge points, you can save a significant amount of money in the long run. Smart home charging, such as switching to a time-of-use electricity plan, can also help you save even more.

They’re Highly Convenient

Charging from the comfort of your own home is also highly convenient. With an EV home charging point installed by Assured Electricians, you’ll no longer have to waste time searching for a charger and waiting while your car charges at public charging stations.

You can also say goodbye to range anxiety because installing an EV charge point at home gives you peace of mind that your vehicle will be fully charged and ready to go whenever needed.

They Increase The Value Of Your Home

As electric vehicles become more popular, the home EV charging infrastructure is becoming more sought after. Therefore, home charging points are becoming increasingly important for homebuyers, making them the perfect way to increase the value of your home.

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