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Emergency Lighting Installation Cardiff

At Assured Electricians, our emergency lighting solutions cover the design, installation and maintenance of the system. We are committed to ensuring compliance with the latest BS 5266 standards and take pride in delivering a comprehensive service for your business.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility by law to ensure emergency lighting is installed and compliant with the latest standards.

This means that any emergency routes and exits must be clearly illuminated with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the event of a power cut where normal lighting is not available.

When dealing with Assured Electricians, you can confidently trust our experienced Cardiff team to design, install and maintain your emergency lighting, enabling you to prioritize the core aspects of your business with peace of mind. Whether you have a large building or a single room, we can tailor a solution to best suit your requirements.

Emergency Lighting Cardiff

Does Your Business Require Emergency Lighting?

What Emergency Lighting Do We Install?

All emergency lighting that we install is fully compliant with the latest British Standards (BS5266), and we would never install anything that isn’t. Emergency lighting isn’t an optional extra, and as it’s a legal requirement, you’ll want to have it installed correctly and safely.

We’ve installed emergency lighting all across Cardiff and the surrounding area, and regardless of the size of your building, we can build a solution around your requirements. Whether you need an emergency escape route, standby, open area or high-risk task area light, we can install all types.

Emergency Lighting Installation Cardiff

Ongoing Maintenence and Testing

We not only install emergency lighting, but we also maintain and perform regular testing when it’s required (depending on the type of building). Regarding testing, most emergency lights have the option of manual or automatic tests, and as per the legislation, they should be tested at least once a year and “flick-tested” at least once a month.

Why Use Assured Electricians

If your business is navigating the complexities of the various emergency lighting regulations, we are here to assist. We offer consultations to guide you in enhancing compliance with legal requirements and ensuring the safety of your staff. From stairwells to toilet areas and corridors, we have vast experience installing an array of emergency lighting in various areas.

If you would like to discuss solutions we can offer your business, please get in touch with us or call us at 07741 502012.

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