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Electric Cooker Installation Cardiff

At AES, the electrical cooker installation process begins with us inspecting and testing the existing electrical circuit.

If it’s safe and suitable to use, then our expert electricians will install your electric cooker. If the existing wiring is unsafe or unsuitable, we will give you detailed advice on the next best course of action.

Many modern cookers are connected to a cooker outlet, making installation simpler if a cooker outlet point has previously been installed in the kitchen. That said, the installation process is more complex if the outlet requires to be hard-wired.

An alarming number of kitchen accidents occur due to poor quality appliances and haphazard installations carried out by non-professionals or DIY enthusiasts, emphasising the importance of hiring professional cooker installers.

Electric Cooker Installation Cardiff

Need To Install An Electric Cooker?

Why Use Assured Electricians To Install Your Electric Cooker?

To avoid potential accidents, this sort of technical work should be performed only by a professional. Many companies charge way too much for installation services, which is why many people try to do the installation themselves – and risk their safety. There is a solution: Assured Electrical Solutions are fully qualified electricians that can connect your electric cooker oven or hob both safely and professionally.

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